Our company offers trainings of integrated therapeutic techniques for chiropractors and physiotherapists. We apply those elements of chiropractic therapies, that are regarded the most efficient, including:

  • Cox therapy (flexion-distraction)
  • Pierce Results System
  • Knee Chest Upper Cervical
and trainings in chiropractic radiology (assessment and analysis of X-ray images and MRI scans).

Trainings offered by us are adapted to needs of both beginners and highly experienced therapists. Besides the theoretical knowledge, we put a great emphasis on practical skills necessary to provide correct and safe therapeutic services. We do our best to make training as nice and friendly, as possible. Training courses are held at the Chirodent Clinic in Ustka, or - upon a previous agreement - at the client's venue. Contact us if you are interested. You will be informed about dates of training courses by e-mail.


The ICS training

The training consists of 4 modules, concluded with an exam.

Level 1
  • Introduction to the Flexion-Distraction (Cox) therapy
  • Basic analysis of X-ray images and MRI scans
  • Subjective examination (medical history) and objective examination, patient education, report
  • Principles of the Flexion-Distraction technique
  • Case studies
  • Practical workshops
  • Practical exam
Cost: 2000 PLN (gross)
Level 2
  • Introduction to the Pierce Results System technique
  • Analysis of an X-ray image (PRS): cervical and lumbar spine
  • PRS techniques
  • Dermothermography of the spine
  • 3D techniques
  • Case studies
  • Practical workshops
  • Practical exam
Cost: 2000 PLN (gross)
Level 3
  • Introduction to KCUC(Knee Chest Upper cervical)
  • Anatomy of the upper cervical segment
  • Analysis of the upper cervical segment
  • Atlas-Axis mechanism of subluxations
  • Neurological tests
  • Dermothermography (advanced analysis)
  • Positioning using the Knee Chest C1, C2 technique
  • Practical workshops
  • Practical exam
Cost: 2000 PLN (gross)
Level 4
  • Introduction to advanced integrated chiropractic techniques (ICS) Clinical use of ICS Determination of a treatment plan Integration of techniques HRV (the test of sinus heart rhythm) - applicability in the ICS technique Workshops The final exam
Cost: 2500 PLN (gross)

Other trainings:

Factor X, or how to be successful in chiropractics. Verified tips for establishment and running a chiropractic practice. How to generate profit, win a patient's trust and gratitude?
Cost 1250 PLN (gross) (szkolenie jednodniowe)
A day at the chiropractor's.
Individual training
Cost 1500 PLN (gross) for each day of training
Radiology in the chiropractor's office.
What you should know as a chiropractor.
Cost 1250 PLN (gross) ((one day training)